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A Race

A Race – Susy Morris, via Flickr

Over the last several months, I’ve been writing very frequently at Forward Progressives, trying to balance the world between the political progressive movement there (which reads largely as: anti-Republican) and my more *ahem* extreme views. All the LOLZ, people.

It was doing this that I realized that that space, while slowly growing my crowd, isn’t exactly healthy. Whether defending the use of Trigger Warnings or dismantling the charges of fatherlessness and inherent criminality of Black people in Chicago, I got some really nasty treatment from not just conservative trolls, but progressives (or “Brogressives”) as well – most of whom happen to be white and male.  But honestly, I guess being a white(ish) educated male, I should count my lucky stars that the negativity I’ve had to field in comments hasn’t extended to emails. Or even twitter. Much less real life encounters such as happened to Suey Park for dare criticizing St. Colbert (oh yeah, that was another article I wrote on with threatening Brogressives missing the point and blaming victims).

And it’s not that I have a problem so much with criticism and pushback (well, I do need to step back and evaluate). When I’m criticized, I try to evaluate what they’re saying or how I came across. And sometimes I get it. But often the criticism is stoked in White Supremacy, misogyny, heternormativity, and trans-aggression. And, as in the case of the Trigger Warnings article (and, yes, Trigger Warnings for all of the above) just abundantly abusive. So while that doesn’t deter me from saying what I feel I need to say, I am going to consider more carefully consider, as they say in Christian contexts, the pearls before the swines and which audience is most appropriate.

But there’s only so many days I can take hunting down stories about Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, or Todd Starnes or reading articles from National Review before I want to put my head in the toilet. So I’m limiting my writing there to twice a week, tops and hopefully writing two articles here a week. I want to focus on post-evangelical praxis (which has been one of the main focuses here for the last five years), and more focusing on Chicago politics – particularly in regards to the city-wide dismantling of public good in order to privatize (which my friend Don Washington also covers gloriously and insightfully at the Mayoral Tutorial).

But I also want to encourage you if you can, if you appreciate the work here and can afford it, to consider donating to the Paypal link on the left. Although I work for pay, that work is seasonal and this is one of those seasons when I don’t work for wages. (Which also says that the work I do here I consider work. And even when I do get paid for it – well, let’s just say the hours and the pay don’t quite measure up, #ifyoucatchmydrift). But rent and internet and coffee and research time and bike repairs and you know.

In about a month, I’ll be entering grad school full-time, so we’ll see where that takes us. (Insert winky emoticon).


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