Immigration Reform and Organized Chaos

I’m not so excited about the passing of the immigration reform bill in the Senate. I should be, I guess. I’ve been praying and pushing for it for a while. It’s not, of course, because I’ve gone over to Ted Cruz or Louise Gohmert. Those guys think we need to build a three-mile deep moat with electric eels and dragons between the US and Mexico – and they’ve got a suspicious eye on Puerto Rico, too.

No, my feelings of doubt are more along the lines that I don’t trust this Congress. They’ve made too many concessions to the xeno-aggressors and bigots and they’re too far in the pocket of the Military Industrial Complex and Big Business, particularly Big Agra.

Migrant Worker and Cucumbers, Blackwater, VA

Big Agra is particularly frustrating. They need a steady stream of migrant workers, but they need to control that stream – it’s how they keep prices down. Otherwise, the peasants would revolt and demand unions and Si Se Puede! would break out in farms, malls, and radios all across America and Con Agra wouldn’t be able to eat their cake and look at it too. Big Agra does this by controlling who can and who does stay in the US in an organized chaotic way. In fact, that’s the whole game of Big Agra: controlled chaos. Despite what Homeland Security and ICE are saying, it’s not the criminals and the dangerous who are being deported, it’s the random immigrant, even the ones here with proper papers. This allows immigrants to live in constant fear of angering #BossCulture or sticking out and being removed from their families and homes.

So, no unions. No organizing. No questioning authority. That’s the goal.

Additionally, the fact that the new bill pushes for even further militarization of the border doesn’t sit well with me, of course. And not just ‘cuz MOAR MILITARY. That’s always troubling, of course. But the fact that migrants pass through the borders risking life and limb and often die of dehydration, hunger, cold, heat on the way – doesn’t that say something to us? There is a drastic need to come to the US for greener pastures (even if the portion they are allowed in is steeped in cow dung and trampled underfoot by xeno-aggressors, law-makers, police, and corrupt bosses). Not because the US is naturally better than all the other countries to the south of us. Not because we worked so hard to make our country awesome and Mexicans and El Salvadorans are lazy.

No, the problems of these countries are direct and indirect results of colonialism, imperialism, and consumerism of the West and particularly of the United States. That whole Monroe Doctrine and CIA interventions and the funding of guerillas, paramilitary, and despots? That’s us keeping organized chaos over the entire Western Hemisphere while maintaining a cheap supply of drugs (and then jailing primarily Black and poor Americans for it while middle class, wealthy and White Americans each have an equal share of the usage and spreading of illicit drugs) crops, and crop-workers.

We flood the valleys, and we build a giant wall not just to keep the water contained, but to keep the villagers in it too? We shoot the escapees. And we don’t see how this is problematic?


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