That Other Holy Trinity


The Criminals Prayer:

Our Batman who art in Gotham,
Wayne be your name.
May your Batcar come, your detective work be done
In the Watchtower as it is in the Batcave
Give us today our daily fear
And forgive us our crimes as we take suckerpunches to the throat
And lead us not into crime alley,
but deliver us from the Joker because he’ll kill us
For yours is the Batcave and the Cowl
Forever and ever.


Hail, Diana, Full of strength
Our Justice League is with thee.
Blessed art thou among Amazonians,
and blessed is thy punch to the gut of evildoers,
They cry, Jesus!
Wonder Woman, Wielder of the Lasso of Truth,
pray for us mere mortals,
and at the hour of invisible jet.
A-mazing Wo-man.



Clark Kent is my shepherd,
I shall not fall to my death
He maketh safe all of Metropolis;
He flieth me above the Hudson waters
He looketh into my heart – with his X-Ray vision for goodness’s sake!
Yea, though I walk through the valley of Apokolips, I will fear no Darkseid
for your muscles and your heat vision they rescue me
Thou protecteth Daily Planet for me and Jimmy Olsen in the presence of Parasite; thou anointed my head with newspaper stories; my byline runneth over
Surely Superman and Krypto will follow me all the days of my life;
and I will dwell in the Daily Planet forever.


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