Rocks Erode, Rivers Change, Truth Reflects

No one can be unbiased. Everything we approach, we do so with prejudice, with perspective, with personal and social histories. And each time we approach something, we do so with a slightly different ear or eye – with different information running in our heads, different stimuli, different moods and tones and colors and blind spots.

I’ll admit my bias: It’s towards love and humanity as a reflector of God. I do not believe it is possible to find truth without love, and I do not believe it’s possible to love without seeking justice. Justice leads to love because justice seeks to equalize and ease sufferings. Despite what Michael Scott says, a boss cannot love employees he treats like crap. A parent cannot love the child she abuses. No citizen can claim to love people in areas that he advocates we bomb.

We cooperate in the process of liberating those we love, allowing them to find how and where they need liberation and to be the main participants and determiners in their own freedom garnishing.

Truth cannot be true without love as well. Facts can be presented in hate, apathy, dispassion – with or without emotion, with or without agenda, with or without perspective. But facts are not truth, and truth, though related to facts, is not the mere sum of facts.

That which is true is necessarily not only real and factual, but transformative. Truth moves mountains and shakes foundations. Truth is relative because it affects current reality. And current reality is relative – which means that truth is not fixed in a stone that never erodes, etched for all time in perfect stasis.

Rather, the Word is alive, living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword. And like anything else that is living, it adapts to its environment, it responds, it changes.

It both informs and is informed. It’s not a Death Star. It doesn’t get to destroy anything within its path. But it both changes and is changed by whatever it comes in contact with. That is true for anything that occupies space. Rocks erode and turn into sand. Rivers change course as they run to the sea. And truth reflects the environment in which it resides.

Moeraki Boulders

People change. Our memories and experiences inform us and they change and as they interact with each other and with others in a social space.

Thank God for that.


This is an excerpt from the new book I’m writing on Christian community-living and social responsibility. I’m also looking for other bloggers to speak your perspective, thoughts or experiences on Christian community.


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