Sitting at the Right Hand

“Grant us,” they said, “when you’re there in all your glory, one of will sit at your right hand and the other at your left.”
Luke 27:30

I’m trying to approach philosophy, ethics, and theology in a more specific, localized manner rather than general and universal. I find that this appeal that such-and-such is universally true to be a bit more imperialistic and colonial than we’re led to believe. This doesn’t always mean the same to everyone everywhere. Even terms like feminism mean different things in different locales. In some places, it’s about access to education, or equitable health care, childcare, pay. In others, it may just be about raising the spark of independent awareness, to say that we’re not all dead.

All that said, however, I find self-righteousness to be awfully common. And amongst Christians! I am struck with how counter-intuitive Jesus’ humility is throughout the texts, especially as I re-read them again during Lent. It strikes me particularly personally because, despite my intense shyness, despite the fact that I try to stick up for others more so than myself, I can become awfully convinced of my own moral superiority.

Shocker, right?

And there’s the rub. Even us partners and advocates can get lost in our own heroism and, as a result, become spiritually drained. And when that happens, we’re more susceptible to attack and our cause loses ground, no matter how righteous it is.







This isn’t all about you, Jason. It can never be.


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