Five Golden Rings

In my head, at least, I’m always read that to say, “diamond rings.” And that of course brings me to Kanye’s collab with Jay-Z and, unwittingly but fortunately, Lupe. It also reminds me of that pretty decent social commentary/White guilt movie, Conflict Diamonds.

These jewels shine, you see. And they cut with precision. And people die and are enslaved over their possession. And profits are used to buy weapons and futher enslave entire regions under war chiefs. But they’re also as fragile as a leg lamp. All of which means that diamonds are extremely useful, as a metaphor for human and, particularly, rich people greed.

On the contrary, though, gold is quite utilitarian. For example, you can use it as a conduit for electricity. And… Look, it’s shiny!

Golden rings

All of which makes the assertion that we need to return to a gold standard as silly, arcane, Euro-centric and obsolete as some medieval song about giving birds and trees out for Christmas.


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