Hollow Ween

Slightly edited exchange on Facebook about giving away – or not – candy on Halloween.

Starts when a friend of mine, John G., ribs his numerous conservative/Republican friends with this provocative status update:

Tonight, I will answer the door as a Republican. When asked for candy, I will tell them that I am not interested in giving them handouts, but I DID throw some candy up on the roof and if they want to stick around and wait for the “trickle-down” effect, they are welcome to. Then I will make them show me their green cards.

A few comments later, one of the numerous replies:

You can’t be a democrat unless you first took from the kids that went out and collected their own, and then gave that, plus a healthy subsidy that you borrowed from the store on credit to the ones who stayed at home and didn’t make the effort. Then, you went back and arrested the parents of the kids who went out for abuse because they dressed them up funny.

Now, how would you reply to that?

I kinda think it’s important we consider that because people are watching. And many of them simply don’t know what to make of such dirty, filthy assumptions. I know sometimes the hypocrisy and blatant contempt for working families boils into red hot rage in my skin. I waited a few minutes and gave my reply:

that’s a bit of class warfare, don’tchathink? After all, it’s not like all of the wealthiest ten percent – who receive the most money from the government – are lazy. There are a few, to be honest. But there are also model, hard working members of the corporate welfare crew.


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