Eating Local – Present Solutions on the Path

We’ve talked about the problems inherent in the modern food machine – so much so that I don’t want to focus on that here. And we know things have got to change. Many people believe that we need to plant gardens, and my argument is – largely – that we need to bring agrarianism back to our center and establish a localized food democracy. But in any case, such phenomenal changes will take a long time – perhaps generations.

So I would like for this place to be a discussion (please, in the comments here or on Facebook. Tweet replies back if you must) for how to go about living healthier, less polluting and wasteful lives through our food practices. Some of the following are mere suggestions. While some are painfully obvious, I would assume, for many of the readers, we should keep in mind that a food revolution needs to be a populist movement by and for the people and we want to be able to include everyone into our target audience.

Having said that, please share your suggestions, ideas and even stories and fears in the comments here and on Facebook or to twitter.

Eat locally. Buy from little, local stores. This not only shapens the connect between the worker and the owner, but also the process of eating and the process’of raising and transporting our food. If you don’t think their food practices are’ethical, you may be able to suggest alternatives..

More veggies and fruits. Try to avoid bleached, enriched flours.

Cut out any product made with high fructose corn syrup.

Plant a garden in your property. If you can’t because, say, you live in the city, find a community garden. If you can’t find that, find the local community advocacy group and see who would like to start one (other avenues such as the local PTA may be good options). If no bite or if it turns out to be too expensive, no worries. Find an abandoned lot and start a peace garden and see what happens.The city or the owners might want to tear it down, but that’s bad PR for them I the area isn’t being used for anything else…

You got windows, a little ingenuity, some lights, water pumps, and a bunch of bottles? Try a hydro-window farm. It’s year ’round, and you’re reusing water.

Look at what others are doing. The People’s Grocery runs a greenhouse enterprise program in a low-income housing development in the under-served area of West Oakland.


One thought on “Eating Local – Present Solutions on the Path

  1. we grow a decent garden and try to shop the farmers' market and produce stands. but soon come the lean months, and we don't "put up" much food yet beyond jellies and pepper relish. we try to eat in season, but the little ones like their fruit, so we make concessions in the winter.mostly we try to buy fewer packaged foods and bake/make more ourselves.

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