My Apologies to Donald Trump

Mr. Trump, I want to apologize. You see, yesterday I was arguing that you’re not a racist – you’re just pretending. You don’t believe a word of your alleged birtherism, or your diatribes against Obama’s unqualification for Ivy League schools, nor your apparent disgust that The Blacks would vote overwhelmingly for Obama (never mind that 90% of African American voters went for Gore in 2000).

°Ku.Klux.Duck°photo © 2007 Curzio Campodimaggio | more info (via: Wylio)
But now I know better. I still believe that you’re full of $h*t and that you’re lying your pale, hair-implanted butt off. But I remembered the definition of a racist. Racism is about power; it’s the use of racial stereotypes to lift oneself to a position over a person of another race or ethnicity.
And that’s exactly what you’re doing. And since that’s ALL that you’re doing, running your mouth on insane racist conspiracies, that would make you a racist.
Not a pretend racist. Not a part-time racist. Not just a person who happens to spew some racism.
You, Donald Trump, are a full-on, non-stop racist.
And for that, I’m sorry. Please give back your humanity card.

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