Why I’m Voting for del Valle – and you should too

Miguel del Valle’s record speaks for itself. He’s served (SERVED) in city and state government for thirty years (building a reform Latino coalition* with Mayor Harold Washington and working in the poorly-paid state representative and then city clerk, where he brought in transparency) and not a spot of dirt on him. We are talking about Chicago and Illinois, here.
He doesn’t make money. Most state representatives have outside jobs because the role of state legislator doesn’t pay much. But those outside jobs often conflict with their inside jobs. And people wonder why Illinois is so corrupt…
He also doesn’t take money – which is why he’s so far behind the other leading candidates. They’ve taken money from city contractors. If you don’t think that’s a breech of ethics, congratulations, you’re ready to run for office in Chicago. Or as a lobbyist.
In fact, as city clerk, he actually SAVES the city money by not accepting such routine privileges as a city car and security detail.
If you want a further break-down of how del Valle can benefit the city of Chicago and ALL its citizens (rather than just the ones who are doing fine now thanks to their connections and wealth), check out Mayoral Tutorial – especially today’s post.
If, however, you like corruption and the Daleys are your type of mayor, then please, continue to support their newest brand: Gery Chico, aka, Daley Lite – 7/8ths the calories. All the hand-wringing. Or, for an added burst of Daley, please vote for Rahm Emanuel – He’s Daley on Steroids.
*The other Latino coalition in Chicago – The Hispanic Democratic Organization, or what’s left of it – decided to support Gery Chico. No surprise, since they’re crooked.

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