The Blitz for Progress

Play this all day long.

The Blitz is a movement, not an organization, formed out of a biting need to move our country and world forward.

This is what it’s about:



  • A government of, for, and by the people must represent the people and be held accountable to same.
  • Taxation must be fair and progressive.
  • Corporations are not people and must not be treated as such.
  • War is immoral and non-productive and has no place in the 21st Century. The only purpose being served is to further enrich those who have already lined their pockets with blood.  Our troops must be brought home and utilized in assisting to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.
  • Every individual must have the opportunity to be gainfully employed and to earn a fair and livable wage. The creation of jobs and job programs must be the number one priority of all government representatives.
  • All workers have the right to be treated fairly and equally.
  • Every individual has the right to shelter, food, and clothing. No individual must ever be forced into homelessness. A fair, equitable, and progressive taxation program would assist in eradicating this blight on America.
  • Every individual, at the age of consent, has the right to love and marry the person of their own choosing.
  • Every individual must be treated fairly, justly, and without prejudice under the law and within the judicial system.
  • Nothing must ever abridge the human rights of any individual.
  • Health care is a human right from birth to death, free of private corporate interest and must be provided through a non-profit, publicly financed system. The failure to provide such care is the REAL death panel in this country as well as our shame.
  • Every American must be provided the opportunity to gain a free, accessable, and viable public education. An educated citizenry is essential to our economic, environmental, and social survival.
  • The development of clean, safe, and stable energy resources must begin today as our environmental future is dependent upon just that. Clean water, clean air, and protection of our natural resources are crucial to the survival of not only our country, but our planet.


And this is the direction the movement is going:

Paths To Progress


  • Disruption of Corporate practices through non-violent distrubance of everyday business transactions.
  • Resisting the status-quo through massive boycotts, protests, street-action, work-stoppages, and displays of passive-resistance.
  • Community outreach, recruitment, and education.
  • Demonstrations of public outrage and other media attention-getting methods such as flash-mobs and guerilla theater.
  • Exerting public pressure on the President and Congress, as well as corporate America to meet our demands or meet with further resistance from the populace.
  • Utilization of all media forms to educate and recruit.


If you’d like to be a part of this, check out more here:


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