What’cha Get Is What Ya Did wit Whatcha Had

Lincoln’s Illinois. I’m sure he’d recognize the political landscape if he saw it now. Full of dimwits, half-wits and mass corruption – in both the party that he helped to establish and in that other party. I also have a feeling that he’d agree with me in not voting for any Republican, but in voting only for the Democrats who actually mean something.

Or maybe, standing just over my shoulder and looking into my skull, he’d just try to eat my brains. He is a two hundred-plus year old hugnry zombie and all…
Regardless, if one more Democrat tells me I have to vote for Alexi – the scion of banking scandal and irresponsibility himself – or else the Tea Bells Will Toll, I will sic a very hungry and feisty dog on him. Mr. Giannoulias and his RINO rival, the somewhat-moderate but bad liar Mark Kirk, represent most of what is wrong with politics in this state. And I see no change coming soon if we continue to do what we’ve been doing.
To choose between the lesser of two evils here would be to not cast a vote. However, I will choose the greater, to vote – for neither nincompoop. I am voting (and am asking you to vote for) LeAlan Jones (G).
Regardless of whether or not you agree with him, I ask that my fellow ‘Noisians will vote for a third party rather than stay home November 2 (I’ll stretch that out for everybody, period, in the States). And here’s why:
Disaffection kills. We need to convince the powers that we are not happy. That we are not satisfied. That we will not sit down and be steamrolled by the politics of the few and monied. This is not a rich man’s game. This is not a game at all; lives are at stake here.
The message if we are to stay home is that we do not care; they can do with us as they please because we will not interrupt their game. The message we send if we continue to vote as we have been voting is, “I know he loves me. He said so himself. He won’t do it again. I can change him.”
If we allow these two parties to continue to play the same game – specifically in this state – we’ll get what we asked for. But I ain’t asked for this. So please, at least for my sake, make your voice and dissent heard.
Update: In case you forget, my frustration with the Democratic Party in Illinois is largely local, and largely tied to the state of Illinois. Fortunately, most statewide Republicans are moderates, so there isn’t the ultra Tea Party loon or War Hawk goon threat (as far as I know) even if, say, the GOP takes over Obama’s old seat. But if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t understand the deep-seated arrogance and corruption that has defined inter- and intra-state politics in this state, you can read up on some govs here.
*This post is partially a response to my friend Peter’s post at Spirit of a Progressive.

3 thoughts on “What’cha Get Is What Ya Did wit Whatcha Had

  1. I love this strategy!! I have voted for third party candidates most of my adult life and always felt better for it, since "my guy" never wins, and i can always say I didn't vote for the guy who did. Clever… Huh?After my Congressman, Ted Poe (R) ticked me off the other day I vowed to vote for, "libertarians, greens, socialist, or Donald Duck" (by write in of course), before I ever cast another vote for an R or a D. The days of an R getting my vote by default because of right-to-life are OVER.

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