Alpha Male to Amy

Alpha Male – Mars Ill (I have to admit that I prefer the remix version on Backwaterprophets to the original. But, period, how many songs, rap or otherwise, address male chauvinism – especially from a male – in such a direct way?)

Always on My Mind – Pet Shop Boys and Willie Nelson (Not together, necessarily.)
Always Active – CookBook & Uno Mas (ft. DJ Activ8)
Am I in Sync? – Steve Taylor (fortunately, the novelty desynched synthesizer works with the outdated cheesy new wave here) (also, the homemade video is just more proof that ST fans are always nerds)
Am I too Late? – Old 97’s
Am I Winnin Somethin – Mike Knott
Amame – Juanes
Amazing – The Choir
American Music – Violent Femmes
American Patrol – Glenn Miller Orchestra
Ammunition – Switchfoot
Amsterdam – Peter Bjorn & John (Wow. The crowds in the live versions are a big part of the reason I rarely go out to catch an act. Morons.)
Amy’s Song – Switchfoot (For those keeping score at home: That’s three Switchfoot songs b/t Al-Am, one of which I skipped over b/c it didn’t quite grab me.)

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