Baloney!! No one has a RIGHT to health care.

That’s the argument I was given just now on a Facebook thread. I guess the argument flows from the logic that because modern medicine (and the ability to mass administer it) is so novel and expensive that there is no precedent for it. It doesn’t fit into the rubric of older, now-established human rights. Or at least that’s the thought.

The same argument was made before. But allow me the liberty to transpose. Because the underlying, unstated argument is that you can only get adequate health care if you can afford it and/or you’re fortunate enough to work in one of the remaining companies that’s still covering its employees. It’s a bit like saying that you can only vote if you’re white enough. Or male enough. Or landed enough. You can only enter into an establishment if you’re considered human (read: not like those blackish brutes) enough. Your lips can only touch this water fountain, your children can only enter this school if you are white enough – coming from the God-blessed European roots. Oh, and preferably Protestant…
Yeah, history…

6 thoughts on “Baloney!! No one has a RIGHT to health care.

  1. I agree with ya'…however, I don't necessarily/automatically expect OTHERS to agree. Public vs. private. $ is not a requirement to vote, to attend public school, to be entitled to work, … But whether or not healthcare should be public or private is the subject of debate. Most believe that everyone deserves/has a right to *access* to food, medicine and medical care–but some believe that folks should only actually receive what they can afford (unless the government intervenes). This nation has messed it up with "access" to public things like schools, the polls, dining establishments, water fountains, etc. throughout its history. With healthcare today, the public option hasn't had/doesn't [appear to] have much support, so it's now "government" (which is supposed to be "for the people, by the people"–or public)……..OK, I'm starting to doze off/falling asleep ;}

  2. HI I tripped over here from Jon Trott's facebook streetfight. i was intrigued by your willingness to be among the scrappers, and even engage, yet not lower yourself to the least common denominator. I have recently decided that I am too old to hold back when I can, at least a little, refute a brute, but the jury is out about whether it has significance…more of my getting less patient in my old age, but I want it so much to be sanctification!!!Anyway…so now this post reminds me of my pet peeve that people who monopolized all of the social, economic and religious entitlement, are now using it as a pejorative against poor people exercising, or attempting to, their basic human rights.How did health become NOT a basic human right? But there I go being a communist again!

  3. steve, appreciate the 'commie' love, man.i actually got berated on another friend's site for believing something as *inhumane* and *foolish* as in basic human rights like food, clothing and health care.for the blessed sake…

  4. If health care is not a right, then why do we require an ER, and in some states, hospitals, to take in any patient even when they can not pay? I seem to remember the feds passing a bil into law in the late 80’s requiring this. We do not ask that places that serve or sell food give their merchandise to hungry people. So it seems to me, we the people have already made a distinction about health care with the passing of this law almost 30 years ago and all we are really arguing about now is how to pay for it.

  5. Jesus said: “Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, drive out demons. Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give” (Matthew 10:8). Jesus is in favor of free health care, why aren’t His followers?

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