Facebook Doppleganger

I hated to see Conan O’Brien go. I was one of the first thousand or so to fan the I’m With CoCo page on Facebook, and one of the first to make that image my own. However, I just can’t turn down a cool gag. And so when the opportunity arose to “borrow” Conan’s old “Love Child” Machine (where his intrepid staff was able to put together the pictures of a possible Hollywood couple to show what their horrendously deformed offspring would look like).

I’ve always been curious as to what would happen if Brad Pitt carried somebody else’s baby (I know, finally, right?). But because I’m not normal, I’ve been wondering what it’d be like for him to have Napoleon Dynamite’s baby – just for the sheer cross between total smooth and complete dweebishness.
I put these two images in the LCM:

and I came up with this studly stud. Hmmm… Looks oddly familiar….


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