Sees, I tolds you we should nevah mixes the species up

Shorter Wesley Prudin, hopefully former editor of the Washington Times:

Obama bows, the nation cringes

It’s not Obama’s fault that he’s a surrender monkey, he’s got messed up blood because his mama had jungle fever and anyway Hawaii isn’t in the real USof’HEY WE BOW TO NOONE!!1!


What is up with these crazy rightwingnutjob cats? Can’t they even function a complete thought in their hateful heads without showing their complete ignorance and xenophobia?
They complain that Obama is arrogant, but then they complain that he’s subservient to others? Which is it?
They complain because Obama bows, but forget Bush II’s bowing to the pope and kissing his holy hand. Or kissing the Saudi King’s oily lips.
And then they continue with the insanely racist meme of calling him an un-American. Or a child.
Or, in this guy’s case, imagining him getting the bend-over treatment in jail – because that’s apparently what happens to his fellow Black Americans (“unfortunately”).


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