News of the Weird: Charmin’ WC Edition

From today’s Chicago Reader (p. 78):

Proctor & Gamble announced in October that it will once again open public restrooms in New York City’s Times Square for the holiday season as a promotion for Charmin toilet tissue. Earlier this month, as part of it’s “Enjoy the Go” campaign, the firm conducted auditions for five “Charmin Ambassadors” who’ll be paid $10,000 each to blog about their experience at restrooms from November 23 through December 3. “Charmin only asks that candidates should enjoy going to the bathroom so much – whether it be to catch up on reading or just enjoy some ‘me time’ – they never want to leave,” said the press release.

Boy, I love me some ‘me time.’ Especially if I get rewarded handsomely for it.
But still, I think my bathroom is public enough…

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