Weekend Links We Like to Link to – Bah hamburglar

1) Because me Spanish is no so good (and yours may need a little workout too):

Click here if vid isn’t working.

and, yes, it’s very similar to the wonderful First and Second Semester Spanish Spanish Love Songs. Which is why it’s so wonderful.

2) Thanks to astute (Micah’s World) reader Reg, I now know that my high school students did not have the most interesting names in the world – but they just might if backers of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez get their way. There was a bill being sent through the National Assembly earlier this month, according to the Times, that would make a list of registered children’s names and pare that list down to one hundred. So, no more Tutankamen del Sol, Kleiderman Jesús, Yureimi Klaymar, Yusneidi Alicia, Yusmary Shuain, Kleiderson Klarth and Yusmery Sailing.

So long, Hengelberth, Maolenin, Kerbert Krishnamerk, Githanjaly, Yornaichel, Nixon and Yurbiladyberth.

Was that kid’s name Mao Lenin? And another was named Nixon? What’s next, a Ronald Reagan, maybe a few Hitlers? ohh, nevermind…

3) OK, this is transcendent wonderment. The octogenarian rock & roll choir Young@Heart performing “Purple Haze.” The performers seem to take these songs to be both tongue-in-cheek and fun, but yet it’s all so touching and real. Really real. Every. Last. Word. Of it.
Again, click here if vid doesn’t play.

fwiw, in honor of the couple who came by for dinner last night, I wanted to play one of the two musical geniuses that came out of Seattle. And out of those two, Hendrix beats Cobain in my book most nights. But I just saw this clip the other day and thought it to be a wonderful confluence of art and life. So, there you go.


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