Weekly Links We Like to Link to: Election Day

One of the biggest, ahem, distortions of the McCain campaign that’s ticked me off (but in a laughable sense) is that Obama is a socialist or that his policies are socialist. McCain knows that that isn’t true in the least, but that hasn’t stopped him and his campaign from attacking him as such – even though his running mate strictly “shared the wealth.” It’s just a stupid call, it’s distortive, it’s divisive, it’s a bastardization of truth and of the work of governance. Let’s just cut to the chase, eh?

Eugene Cho lets us know who he’s voting for, without directly saying it. And I love this car:

Millenials, I don’t know what to say… I was born at the tail end of the “Gen X” era, so it’s not like I’m all that separated from this generation, but I can’t help but feel that they are the most coddled and spoiled one ever. But then I have to consider that we are both products of the most divisive generation ever. Boomers were the first generation to not just defy their parents (who hasn’t), but to openly and disrespectfully do so. Ayers was part of a generational seismic shift and merely spoke for his confused times when he said, “Kill all parents.” Millenials are like the youngest children from that generation, and like most youngest children, they see more primarily than the others the hypocrisy of their parents, who ask us to trust them now that they’ve well broached the age of 35 and have left us all with massive debt (that we’re still adding to) while burning resources at premium rates.
Hopefully, that wasn’t just a rant (that too, of course) but may give some perspective to this:

“Gen Y” or “The Millennials” Gets Wake-up Call with Economic Crisis- …and Have Little Faith Either Presidential Candidate can Halt the Economic Meltdown


7 thoughts on “Weekly Links We Like to Link to: Election Day

  1. The whole “redistribution of wealth” thing is a perfect example of political framing. People hear the phrase and stop thinking. Truth is we all believe in redistribution of wealth in some form or another.

  2. Well, you got what you voted for. Since you are of the camp that beleives Obama was going to try and lower abortion rates I was wondering what you thought about Obamas soon to be excutive order allowing funding (with our tax dollars) of overseas abortion:http://apnews.myway.com/article/20081109/D94BM1O00.htmlOr your take on Planned parenthoods president and abortion activist Cecile Richards take on Obamas help to the abortion industry:more funding for abortionsabortion for military women overseasForcing doctors to do prescribe what they consider morally objectionableetc etchttp://www.usnews.com/blogs/on-women/2008/11/7/7-things-obamas-win-could-mean-for-womens-health.html

  3. i did. you’re right. and hopefully, he will not turn out to be so pro-abortion as he’s dreaded up to be (the whole thing about infanticide is a lie, and i’m sick to my stomach and spirit of hearing that lie spread, but i understand the concerns.) however some other issues brought up by that second article you tagged that are fundamental changes that all christians should be proud of include:”Obama’s proposed health plan will make contraception more affordable to women. It could force drug plans to cover birth control pills as they would any other drug. (Many still do not.) And it could include more comprehensive prenatal coverage; some women shell out $5,000 or more to have a baby…”Obama’s proposed health plan… could (if ever enacted) ensure that women who buy individual policies aren’t discriminated against because of their gender. A recent analysis of 3,500 health plans from the National Women’s Law Center found that insurers charged 40-year-old women anywhere from 4 percent to 48 percent more than they charged men of the same age…”and while i agree with you in your detestation of abortion, i certainly disagree with you in how we must fight it. as long as we keep up these culture wars, we will continue a great divide. we need to bridge this gap. Richards says things that – truly = make my skin crawl, because, like you, i believe that personhood begins in the womb. but many do not. how do we convince them that it does – that the unborn are worth fighting for as dignified people of life? i don’t think we can by doing what we’ve been doing, by casting abortionists as the enemy, by declaring that anything to do w/ abortion is murder, etc., etc. for many of my non-christian friends, the thought of pro-life reviles them b/c they’ve not seen the ‘pro’ or the ‘life’ yet. they’ve seen dangerous rhetoric, they’ve seen men who could care less about women’s rights, they’ve seen judgmental stepford wives -right or wrong, that’s the perception. and i have to be honest, that perception is grounded in truth.the great strides made during the civil rights movement were not won by violence or politics or divisive language. they were made by love and dignity.

  4. art,yep. for as long as we’ve had a progressive tax system we’ve been distributing wealth. mccain himself acknowledged that bush was helping out the wealthy more abundantly than the poor with his tax cuts (“60% of benefits to the 10% of most wealthy”) just a few years ago. seems he forgot about that.

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