More Supreme Court case wackiness (Or: How I was wrong and learned to be wrong again)

The other day I mistakenly assumed that when asked about her knowledge of major cases in the US Supreme Court, Governor Palin was asked about any of which she knew off-hand. That question would make sense, because she should have some sort of authority on what it is that the Supreme Court has done and does do. As next-in-line for chief executive of the whole United States of America, she should be well acqauinted on the roles, responsibilities and histories of the other branches as they are all intricately and powerfully connected. That’s how the founding fathers set this government up, at any rate, with checks and balances up and down and accross the lines.

Apparently, Ms. Palin was asked to name another SC case that she disagreed with outside of Roe V. Wade, which may be a bit harder – at least for the typical American citizen. But again, despite what Fred Thompson declares (that she wasn’t prepared for that question because she wasn’t handled with a list yet), it should not be beyond her grasp. Not if she is seeking for the office that she is seeking.

But since your all-time high-stakes debate is set to happen in a couple hours, allow me to help you out. Governor Palin, if someone asks you what you find abhorrent and wrong, the answer should always be, “Man’s inhumanity to man.” Or some such approximation. And the further removed and more So, therefore, if you are allowed to go back into history, choose something distant and universally regaled, such as Plessy v. Ferguson which legalized discrimination based on skin color, allowed “separate but equal” status to blacks in the US, and declared that it is not the job of the government to protect the rights of the individuals suffering under discrimination by other individuals (or local bodies of governance) in local areas.

I mean, no less a conservative than Justice William Rehnquist disagreed with this ruling.

No. Wait, haha. I was wrong again.


2 thoughts on “More Supreme Court case wackiness (Or: How I was wrong and learned to be wrong again)

  1. Wait, how many times have you been wrong? 🙂 I just don’t get it. Why does it matter if Ms. Palin doesn’t know of a SC case besides Roe v. Wade? Why does it matter that she cannot name a book or magazine that she reads? Why does it matter that her only foreign policy experience is being governor of the state geographically closest to Russia?Obviously, we are sexist pigs.

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