Weekly Links We Like to Link to:

1) If a free democracy’s best ally is a free press, then we can measure a despotic government by how much it hates (threatens, imprisons, murders) the independent reporters and editors. Zimbabwe’s junta leader Mugabe is one of the most-threatened and saddest of ex-presidents trying to hold on to their power.

But back to the latest death threat. My eye is caught by a final paragraph: “The majority of those named on the list, although they are living in the bliss and security of the diaspora and the anonymity of cyberspace, their family members will not be so lucky.” It’s a chilling development. They are now threatening to harm our families. And we know this is no idle threat.

Wilf Mbanga, founder and publisher of The Zimbabwean.
h/t to Scot McKnight

2) Young Adult fantasy writer G. P. Taylor (Shadowmancer) claims that the BBC is banning him because of his outspoken Christianity. According to emails obtained from the BBC, however, it seemed some producers had problems with the so-called “new C. S. Lewis” and Anglican priest’s personality, basically claiming himself to be the next J. K. Rowling even though “he is not universally admired”.
Two reactions:
1) I understand when Christians are jerks. We’re human beings. I’m a jerk more often than not. But please don’t blame others nor “the media” for your short-comings.
2) What is up with Christian British fantasy writers and their initials?
h/t to Relevant

3) Speaking of Christianity, Prodigal Jon has got some cool ideas for what a “Stuff Christians Like” home school would look like. Favorite (though clumsy) quote: If you came to this school on Monday, you should heed Thomas Dolby’s 80’s song warning, because you’re about to be blinded with science.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Links We Like to Link to:

  1. Firstly get it right – I wasn’t speaking in mighty tones myself – the PR people were using the words of a BBC interview when The BBC said I was the next JK Rowlingly I m not a Christian fantasy writer – I am a writer who just happens to be a Christian. What pisses me off is bloggers witgh attitude.GP Taylorshadowmancer@btinternet.com

  2. is this a prank?i was quoting the article. i have no dog in this fight. so, sorry to offend. i just saw something was off-putting about that and i constantly hear christians in the US say similar things, only to find that it’s phony.one clarification, though. i didn’t mean to lump mr. Taylor, ms. Rowling, mr. Lewis, or for that matter mr. Tolkien in as infamous a group as “Christian fantasy writers.” i was hoping that no one would dare make that assumption. it was just a short-hand way of saying “fantasy writers who happen to be both British and Christian.”

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