10 Months Old

And walking!

Well, with support. But she gets up on her own and can walk on, I mean along, walls. And fast. She loves the park. And kids. And sometimes adults. And observing. And moving. And the special blankey given her by Ms. Henderson (we cleaned it a week ago and she would barely sleep without it. Now she’s going down soundly). Well, not so much right now…

Today, she waved goodbye to another precious little girl (without us moving her arm for her) and she petted a dog (also without us having to do it for her).

These are pictures:

Hi. It’s me. I’m bigger than you already!

She doesn’t smile as much for the cameras anymore (out of training), but when she does, it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing – she’s gold, baby, gold.

All by herself.

I’m gone, babies! Zoom.

“Hello? Operator? Mushi-mushi? Digame? Bueno? Bonjour? Heelllloooo?”

And, finally, an arial shot of the Joszilla terrorizing the village.


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