Weekly Links We Like to Link to – Late, post-West Virginia Edition

Know your roots!
I like our coffee table. But this has got to be the coolest one ever:
Not only does it look nostalgic and cool and everything, but it actually operates.

If you thought (as I always did) playing Mortal Kombat was hard enough on a regular NES controller…
h/t to RelevantMagazine.com

While we’re on the Relevant Media trip, here’s a little story:
A couple of weeks ago, one of our light bulbs broke overnight. Flat out flew out of the ceiling fan and crashed to the floor. Didn’t think much about it, even though some time prior to that, my wife had warned me about mercury supposedly in all of the compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFL’s). After all, why would Al Gore steer me wrong?
So, after taking half a day off work to do HazMat clean-up (turns out there are trace amounts of mercury powder in each bulb, and they’re working on making it with less. But you need to be careful how you dispose of them. And if you have a little baby in the house, as we do, you may want to consider sticking with regular bulbs if there’s a chance that they’ll bust on ya), I turn on my Relevant Magazine Podcast (subscribe through the RELEVANT Podcast at your iTunes store. Now.) and find about this helpful and fun site on little practical things you can do for our environment and information about such things. Featured on the site? CFL’s and the current (but pricey) alternative, LCD lightbulbs.

A few of my favorite cards from Indexed, a long-running, daily-updated blog I only just now heard of (via MarkO):

Have you seen this site? What are some of your favorite cards? (As if anybody would actually respond…)

Also from MarkO, this study on classical music’s effects on raspberries.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Links We Like to Link to – Late, post-West Virginia Edition

  1. Okay – the raspberry thing is slightly disturbing – but funny.And here are a couple of the “indexed” that I found particularly good: (and you thought no one would respond… HA!)You Paid What For That?Look Up – No, Higher

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