So, remember the Korean drummer video?

Yeah, I caught a comment on the Youtube page that I thought was just belligerently racist and – quite frankly – a bit dated. An anachronism from the days of Fu Manchu and the 1950s, in the midst of our first Cold War war taking place in a peninsula in the North-East corner of Asia.

I replied something to the effect that I couldn’t believe he (or she, as it may be) would say something like that, and how old is he – those jokes were passe long before M*A*S*H* ever came out. Now, I felt a bit bad about calling him out as a racist. This poster probably isn’t a racist, but I found the language to be racist and inexcusable. Of course, I can only speak as a liberal white male, right? But I see racism all the time and it bothers me all the time.

He replies, “Oh yeah, that’s the lamest comment ever on Youtube. Come on, you didn’t even try to be funny.”

We’re speaking two different languages here. I’m worried about offending him and setting him off and furthering his xenophobia. And, seriously, his concern is that I’m not sarcastic enough? I don’t work blue (and certainly not with jokes that would irritated Bob Hope in the 60’s), but I try to humor him (why? Because I foolishly think that he wasn’t getting it and maybe I can clue him in):

i’m sorry to offend you e********. i just didn’t think that i needed to be funny in order to call you on the carpet for your racist comment.

next time i’ll try to say something hilarious about your mother. ‘cuz that’s ALWAYS funny!

He replies (and I can’t find any of his replies now, but his horrendous original comment is still there for all to see) along the lines of, “You write the least funniest comments on all of YouTube. I’m not offended. You’re not even worth being offended by.”

What an asshole. Now, could somebody answer me, why am I worried about him?


2 thoughts on “So, remember the Korean drummer video?

  1. please!you leave the least funniest comments ever on blogspace.sidenote: i’m actually amused by this guy’s claims to actually be funny. reminds me of Good Morning Vietnam and the statement, “Now, I know funny and that’s not funny.”you, on the other hand, arachy…haha

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