1,610 to 1,496

If the superdelegates take away the lead, I think we can all cry foul.

I know that I’ll at least be crying.


2 thoughts on “1,610 to 1,496

  1. The superdelegates scare me. How can we render them non-super again. Is there something like kryptonite that we can use to foil their dastardly plans?

  2. i was reading a column by my old nemesis, stanley fish (dean of my college at UIC) and he was talking about how the superdelegates are there to make sure that the people don’t get their will (unlike, say, when George McGovern ran for prez in ’72) and that the party favorites get in. of course, fish argued we shouldn’t fight it.that way, crap continues to poop out crap!

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