Weekend Links We Like to Link to – 4

Oops. National Grammar Day (i still don’t know how to spell grammar. Bad English teacher I is.) has passed and I failed to mention that there momente-ous ocassion. Worry not, dear sailors. Their’s still time for yous. Hopefully, you won’t be to effected to do something about it.

h/t to Relevant

Also, courtesy of Relevant:

“Cyberspace can be very useful for [Buddhist] monks,” Ladda said. “But it’s wrong to use it to pick up girls.”

So true, so true…

And to round up the trifecta of links courtesy of Relevant:
Has it gotten this bad? Streetposts padded to protect inattentive, texting pedestrians.

A scary case where autism in one child is linked to her vaccinations.

And now for something a bit more political:

  1. Hillary’s surge is like the surge in Iraq: costly, bloody, won’t win the war.
  2. Is Clinton supported by the Archie Bunkers? Says one Chicagoan (who probably didn’t vote for Harold Washington either), “If Obama gets in, it’s going to be a black thing and it’s going to be all blacks for blacks,” said Victoria Mikulski, a 63-year-old clerk in Edison Park. “Everything’s got to be equal.” (I think I’d stick with the Meathead vote, if that’s the case.)
  3. And, just in case you didn’t know: Republicans may echo attacks on Obama made by Clinton (Duh!).


Those were the days!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Links We Like to Link to – 4

  1. uh, yep. especially when one of them says that the republican nominee would make a better choice as commander-in-chief than her (or, *ahem* his) rival.can you tell i’m getting, really, really boiling hot raging angry?

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