Like a thriller from a stodgy old tech nerd

Been doing some live blogging here.

I’ve always thought that the political game was dangerous, yet fascinating.

Since our tv isn’t hooked up, we’re catching the political news through the internet. I seriously want Obama to carry the day. And my wife is even more so pro-Bama. So watching the live coverage at and is about as thrilling as they come for us. And hearing silly tid-bits like both the Obama and Clinton camps saying that they were gaining momentum on the other with the undecided votes. If only they had put off Super Tuesday for one. more. day. Or you could see where the college kids and African Americans vs. old folks and old-school Democrats tend to reside.

Hearing Barack reminds me of why he needs to be the next in the White House, “Tired of politicians deciding how they should run, instead of why they should run.”

I’m surprised, though, at Clinton’s taking of Brooklyn, Harlem and, honestly, California – the Dream State. Florida going with Hillary, although – with its aging and prune-drinking populace – not a surprise. But that’s not a real win, in the fact that there are no Dem delegates coming from the Sunshine State this year because they decided to jump the gun (heck, all of the states decided to jump the gun. Maybe all these states are deciding that this is just too much fun to leave up to just a few rushed days in the middle of the summer). Another surprise was how much of an advantage she had in Bill’s state of Arkansas (by a whopping 42 percentage points) verses how little she had in New York (17), while the state where she was raised and Obama was transplanted voted so overwhelmingly for him (31).

Some of Hillary’s biggest donors, by the way, are Rupert Murdock and his cronies from News Corp. and Fox News. I guess they think it would be great for their conservative news (had to restrain the impulse to put asterisk that word) channel to run against Hillary Rodham for the presidential bid. Either that, or she’s totally in their pocket. Either way, that’s not good news.

Obama’s winning currently with 0.7% in Missouri.

For the most part, though, this caucus looks too close to call – although McCain is killing across the board. Missouri is a close one, Obama being up by just one percentage point. Apparently that delegate vote may be split in two. Missouri. Compromise. Why does that sound so familiar?

Huckabee’s made it pretty good on only 9 million dollars. Able to hold his own. Romney, on the other hand, had ten times as much funding coming in and they’re more or less even at this point. Huckabee is shrewd, that much we can say for him. I’m sure he’d find economical ways for us to torture suspected terrorists.

We get to watch the results pull in per county in the US and come up with pretty decent odds. And then watch those odds come crashing to the floor, or just barely meet expectations. It’s fun. And deadly serious. Like The Hunt for Red October.


2 thoughts on “Like a thriller from a stodgy old tech nerd

  1. OOOOOBAMA.Boo Hilary.Did she really win all 5 boroughs of NYC or just Brooklyn? Or NY state?LOL.It would be something if NYC had all that partisan power. :)-LD

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