She’s trained too well

My wife trained our daughter to smile at the camera. And it’s a wonderful, heart-melting smile. Seriously, whenever a camera – and especially our camera – is focused on her little six month old face, she beams and looks directly at the lens. It’s kinda pavlovian-scary. And it works. It’s not something that most little ones do.

But yesterday, in our continuing quest to independitize our baby (although not too fast), we fed her oatmeal. We’ve already been feeding her rice, and she took to that fairly well, but we’ve graduated her from little tastes to peanut-butter thick concoctions of her milk and the cereal.

I think with the oatmeal, we went too fast, too furious with it.

And now, well, I guess she cleared out her system.




It was so bad that my wife couldn’t go in to work today.

The little booger was making “O my god i’ve got lower intestine problems today” faces. And, from the way Jen described them, they were also really funny.

So Jen, being a parent of a future teenager, wants to document this for future posterity (and blogging posts) of course. “Do I need to remind you of how you look when you’re upset? See this, this is what you look like, little missy. Now, quit arguing with me and put on a sweater!”

But the baby pauses from her suffering to smile for the camera. She’s still flush in the cheeks, but that’s the only thing that looks flush-esque about her.

God, I miss being home.

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