Weird News of tWeek

It would not surprise that the biggest bureaucracy in the world would try some tricks that Wal-Mart has perfected (even if Wal-Mart didn’t originate them):

After 2,600 member of Minnesota’s National Guard completed the longest deployment served by any ground combat unit – 22 months, including an extension for the summer “surge” – nearly half of them found they didn’t qualify for… [the GI Bill. The Bill] provides [federal education] benefits to any serviceperson on active duty for 730 days, but according to numerous local news accounts in October, the written orders for 1,162 guard members specified a tour lasting only 729.

editor’s note: The local alt-weekly The Reader is a great read. If I manage to consume no other literary piece during the week, you can always bet that I’ve all but devoured this little bag of goodies by early Saturday. This little tidbit (and hopefully some other future filler) was lifted from a section tucked away in their classifieds called News of the Weird, or something like that. I believe an earlier entry was also taken from there. So, hopefully I can do this on a weekly basis, if nothing else.


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