Updates, updates, Read all about ’em!!

The baby picture sites (Flickr and Picasa) have finally been uploaded with pix of the family. Included are grandparents (including Grandpa and Granny Fronz), great-grandparents (both Grandmoozle Mary and ‘Ita Rosa as well as a napper-snapper of Lo-lo Luis), uncles (The Uncle Jeff and the too-enthused Uncle Brian and Unkie Chunkie) and, finally, some decent ones of Momma with the baby. My big ol’ crusty face (and bushel of curly hair) is there too.

For some strange reason, there’s no auntie pix, at least not digitally.

There’s also more head shots of the little one. Who, by the way, is still very healthy, even as she’s been battling a bit of a head cold, heat rash and really, really stuffed nose.

The other, and much-related news is that we’re going to transfer much of this baby-related stuff to a joint blogsite, name TBD. (EDIT: It’s called The Family DYEgest. Get it? It’s a pun – put together by mommy [I don’t really do puns. So much]. Because we’re overly concerned about what and how she eats.) Somewhat because I promised myself I wouldn’t tell any poop-stories or jokes on this site. And I want to remain a man of integrity. EDITEDIT (I made a mistake in the link there. It’s fixed now. Don’t ask. Don’t tell.)

On another, related note, congratulations to new members of the blogosphere, the Gotzi – or Gotzes, not sure which of the two. They just moved into Virginia (ironically, my brother and his expectant wife are just on the verge of relocating from VB, VA and the Navy. And not a moment too soon I might add. Of course, moving into Noo Joisey is a bit of into the frying pan, but still…) and have got the coolest/weirdest masthead for a blogspot I’ve seen. Their site is Thetwogotz.blogspot.com, with a current track of what their cat kills/eats/fiddles with, presumably.


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