Because everybody keeps calling…

in good nature, of course, we’ve yet to have our little bundle o’ joy.

But I did get a new laptop. Almost as cool. And I have to do less reorganizing to set this little baby up.

We just moved. And we’re trying to fit everything into this much smaller apartment. We buying a lot of shelving units (enough so that the landlords should be paying us, but probably will use as an excuse to raise the rent on the next dwellers).

Oh, and did I mention our new place is right next to the El? Like literally next to the Chicago Transit Authority flippin’ El?

For non-Chi-townies, that’s short for Elevated. A beautiful tapestry that works mightily through the structure of our grid-based town when it’s working right. A perfected version was erected (and then destroyed) in Batman Begins. It was driven on some Billy Crystal/Gregory Hines buddy-cop drivel in the 80’s. And Doc Ock tried to play the Speed game using one of our trains in Spider-Man II. We live in the Blues Brothers’ apartment.

And it’s loud.

Like a freight train running through your head loud when you’re not so used to it. And hearing it every two-to-twenty minutes in your bedroom or living room (or across from your potty) can be a bit unnerving.

By the way, her name is Jocelyn Carissa. And she’ll be beautiful. I say this because I have faith that she’ll look like her mommy. And not so much like her daddy.


3 thoughts on “Because everybody keeps calling…

  1. Dude! Over a month between posts??? Sheesh! I was beginning to think some terrible fate had befallen you. Like you had become an Arminian or something. Guess not… Even Cube Rev is running rings around you these days.Anyway, Good luck with the EL and keep us updated on Ms. Jocelyn!

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