So, it’s March and all…

Where’s the Madness?

I know it’s out there. I just haven’t been paying attention.

I know that Duke‘s likely not to get a berth this year.

That’s fairly insane…

But is that it? Is there anything really loco / chemically imbalanced / lunatic going on out there? Is there a chance that some off-the-wall school (not an Xavier. Say a Chicago State or a Bible school with under 1,000 students) gets into the Final Four? Is there an outside chance that a school that doesn’t have money for full athletic scholarships will get seed money for these athlete-scholars?

Is there a chance that a school will get recognized not for ridiculing relatively-obscure cultures (meaning, anyone not of their own – read, pasty-White – culture – i.e., urban and Tribal-American), but for lifting every one of its athletes to a 3.0 GPA and a four-year goal plan for graduation?

Yeah, yeah, save the self-righteous rants for Sports Illustrated (which will still rank in millions while it defies the NCAA – while the rest of us bemoan the current system in our living rooms while succumbing to the Dick Vitale-inspired Fever on our large-screens). But, y’know, a man’s gotta gripe about something.

And the lack of feasible drinking water for 1.1 billion people just doesn’t seem within grasp for my little mind right now.


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