Our heavenly Papa Bear,

Who art in Halas Hall (and everywhere else),
Super Bowl champions be our name.
Superdome be come;
May your will be done
in Miami as it is in Chicago.
Give us Sunday our Devin Hester return touchdown;
And forgive us our Rex
As we forgive our Bretts;
And lead us not into temptation
As we trash the Saints –
For yours is the riots, champagne and bragging rights
for the next twenty years!



5 thoughts on “Our heavenly Papa Bear,

  1. art,cute? who you calling cute?!?c.b.,yep. once again. but on the other hand, have you ever heard of a little team known as the Chicago Cubs? i live in the middle of the city, so i can go for the White Sox. maybe you can start rooting for the Steelers, too.then again…

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