Sunday Random Ten

But before we dig into the iPod files:

Stupid hype! Why’d we have to lose to a 1-6 team?!? Sorry, 2-6 team?!?

And now, back to our scheduled program:

The Human Thing – The Tanyas: This is one of those Paste Magazine songs. She’s got a sloppy-drunk chanteuss sound, like Victoria Williams trying to sing Nora Jones. I like.

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 4 in D Major, KV 218 – Alberto Lizzio & Mozart Festival Orkestra: I paid like $10 for something approximating three hours of Mozart music through iTunes. Symphony Hall, eat your heart out!

Act V, Scene I (Romeo & Juliet) – William Shakespeare: A rare find indeed. The bard himself acted out this piece according to my player and we have it on recorded devices. Must’ve been a 45. “If I may trust the flattering truth of sleep…”

I Have and Always Will – Dave Barnes: Underproduced mom-safe-rock. You know what, though, I’m liking it. Barnes is an unsigned singer-songwriter in Nash’ who likes those lovely ballads and soft-rockers in the vein of “You Are Beautiful” and John Mayer, etc. Call me a softy (esp. if the performer attests to a love of 70’s-era Stevie Wonder and tries to mold his record after Songs in the Key of Life) but I’m liking this album.

Go-Go Gadget Gospel – Gnarls Barkley: What can I say about these songs that I haven’t already? Definitely one of my favorite records in the last few years (along with Sufjan Stevens), even though they have been overplayed (fortunately, I don’t listen to the radio or watch tv, so I get to control what I listen to a bit more) and over-hyped. Fortunately, though, I don’t think they’ll get pistol-whupped by any Dolphins any time soon. If the agents of MAD have learned anything, it’s not to mess with the Inspector.

What I Say and What I Mean – The Like: Another Paste Magazine sampler. This one’s also female-centric. But it rocks a bit harder, like a lo-fi Veruca Salt back in the day.

In the Light – Charlie Peacock (and friends): A few years ago, Peacock was involved in a bit of a self-tribute. No, that sounds self-indulgent. It was like a Best of, except with new arrangements and different performers working with him on his old songs. In any case, it’s called Full Circle and I like listening to it, especially if my wife isn’t around. She doesn’t understand Peacock’s brilliance. I can’t think of who the co-singer is on this song, but she has a warm timbre about her, like Christine Dente of the husband-and-wife duo Out of the Grey.

Monkeys at the Zoo – Charlie Peacock (and friends): Hmmm… Peacocks, monkeys and zoos…. Mike Roe, from the 77‘s (one of the well-underappreciated underground CCM bands that never got attention from anyone because they weren’t “Cheese-us Jesus-y” enough. Also, Peacock, Vector [from whence Jimmy Abegg came] and the 77’s came from the same mini-label and church in the early eighties) sings lead here. This is miles away from the dredge that occupies the top of the Contemporary Christian Music spotlight: “Spirit, come flush the lies out / Will it be different now, or the same / will I have learned anything.” Roe, btw, also plays with the active underground CCM Lost Dogs with members of the Choir and Daniel Amos.

The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) – Missy Elliot: Her first hit. “It’s my window. I can’t stand the rain.” Missy and Timbaland. Gaw, what a combo!

Mack the Knife – Bobby Darin: At yesterday’s party, I found out that Lady Ella sang this song live in a recording, forgot the words and scatted the rest of the song. For me, I always think of the Mac Tonight ad campaign in the early eighties.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Random Ten

  1. haha.i certainly don’t think of my music tastes as being that obscure…o yeah, a Classic Rock Grandpa.surely you’ve heard of Mozart and Shakespeare before, though.

  2. Classic Rock Grandpa???LOL. And I thought you were my friend!Just for the record, I am NOT a ‘Grandpa’ and I have heard of both Mozart and Shakepseare, thou shag hair’d villain.

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