Freaky Fridays

  • The In-Laws are coming into town tomorrow. Wife put me on entertainment post. Three generations (including a sister coming in from the NYC and a grandmama) and I gotta pick something to entertain ’em all in a city where all the establishments have been hijacked for Halloween for Hipsters.

Hope nobody’s seen Marie Antoinette. Or, as it’s called in Canada, New Order for an Old Age.

  • Why am I always hating on Cannucks? I don’t know. Most Chicagoans are supposed to hate Cheese-heads and Motor-City Nuts. Maybe it’s just an exaggerated, but friendlier, place that I reserve my pretend disdain for.
  • I’ll be missing the Bears on Sunday. Again. Screw.
  • Having a cold sucks. Mostly because I’m a dairy hype.
  • “Lola” is playing from my computer while my wife is conversing with friends in South America in spanish and I’m sitting cross-legged on our clean, multi-colored wool carpet. Life is good, but I can’t help the feeling that they’re laughing about me.
  • I moved my content files to the D: drive. And I don’t really know how to do that. So my iTunes and iPod got all mixed signals and stuff; it’s kind of like I had to reboot. All that to say, I no longer know what my top 25 songs are on my iPod. It’s like I’m a music zombie, with a lack of direction. WHO AM I??!!

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