End of the World, pts. 1 & 2

1) I guess they won’t be rolling any Bronto Doobies in future Hanna Barbera movies.

Offered in the tradition of the “Cop in E.T. wasn’t holding a pad” and “Hans Shot First” complaints.


I’m taking a blogger’s sabbatical through the end of September. I have a feeling I’ll still write essays and get pissed at media (big and so-called democratic), or rather, the wheels that turn the various media. I just won’t have a media of my own to outlet for a while.

I think Solomon says it best, better to keep your trap shut and appear wise than open your mouth and show the world you’re a doofus [I Hesitations vii, IJasdyeV].

I’m gonna try to look wise beyond my years for a moment.

I’ll still try to answer my one or two replies. And, if you need me and can figure it out, I’ll still be available via gmail.


5 thoughts on “End of the World, pts. 1 & 2

  1. wj,thanks for the permission.timi,child, where’ve you been? and now that i’m taking a little break, you’re upset? i know just how you feel, though.rc,me too. such a time-consmming hobby, this blogging is.

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