Do beetles bite?

No, seriously, that’s the question.

I was just finished with my shower and putting my clothes on, and then I felt a low-registering but sharp pain on the left side of my neck. I grab for that area (as we are wont to do, w/o the slightest clue of what-who-how has transpired), pull off the alien and toss it at the sink.

Because it was a beetle, it had that hard shell of yumiliciousness, which means it’s harder to kill, say, than a cockroach or an ant. In any case, I emerged the victor.

Or, did I?

My question again, for those of us just joining or not paying attention earlier, will the beetle have the last laugh as I lay gasping for my last breaths in a slow, torturous process of beetle-poison-induced death? I just wanna know.


4 thoughts on “Do beetles bite?

  1. as gnarls barkley said, i’m allright.just had a semi-busy weekend. and my usual internet connection/reading place isn’t connecting. and it’s hotter than the devil’s bum these days. but i’m allright.

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