Continuing the tract of not really talking about the most important things on my mind at this point:

  • I – an unrepentant non-denominationalist – am anxiously awaiting my first Book of Common Prayers in the mail over the next week. I want to thank Eugene Peterson, Lauren Winter, Scot McKnight, Dallas Willard, my mamma and my agent for this new outlook.
  • I’m also eagerly awaiting classic ep and lp discs from LA Symphony. Since Call It What You Want is still out of order, gots me the Baloney EP and Composition #1. I would like to thank Pigeon John, Joeay the Jerk, Flynn, Cookbook, my mom, and your mom. Especially your mom.
  • That’s right, she’s very nice.
  • We got a place. It’s big; the smallest of the three bedrooms is the size of some of the master bedrooms we were looking at. It’s right next to public transportation (like a block away). It has a back patio with a grill some soul just left for us. A common washing machine. First floor apartment. Plenty of Mexican diners and shops and the Cozy Corner (my favorite greasy spoon / breakfast hangout) right next door. Within two miles of the church and school. We’ll be moving some of Jen’s stuff in on Friday. I’ll be moving in… well, pray about that.
  • Actual photograph of my actual playing miniature golf. Note the furtive attention and worship the posture. Worship it!
  • Don’t say a thing to me about the White Sox. Don’t! Even!
  • So, a cab driver offers a free ride to a woman in a rough spot, delivering her from would-be womanizers and possibly even rapists; no fare on top of that. Only, it turns out he’s the rapist. Gaw, WTF! Hormones out of whack, gentlemen?
  • Been keeping busy at a couple of blogs: Out of Ur (associated with the Leadership Journal aspect of Christianity Today. A lot of theoretical theology meeting with practical street levels and iron-sharpening-iron) and Jesus Creed (by Valparaiso U.- Correction: What I Meant to Say Was: North Park University – Professor Scot McKnight, who also happens to be a fellow moderate Evangelical, if either he or I can be typecast as that). In the Jesus Creed (so-named for McKnight’s belief that Jesus and his disciples may have added the passage about loving our neighbor as ourself to the traditional Shema [You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart…] that was to be repeated several times a day by observant Jews) I’m catching up on a summer-long study in Romans.
  • I hate technical difficulties. It’s kept me from making a few links, dropping a few pics and watching the doc Lost Boys of Sudan, not to be confused with the teen-vamps movie.

Until next time, I’ll catch you on the outside.


7 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. and i’ve been to north park several times.sorry for the confusion, scot. i got npu confused for that other local ‘liberal’ christian college i was scarred off from entering college years. but my man phil jackson from lawndale goes there, and you teach there, and i heard they got a whuppin’ urban youth ministry grad program there. so it can’t be all that bad.shoot, i should get a college teaching position. seems like you got more time than me to blog during the summer.

  2. The Baloney EP is really good, actually my second favorite L.A. Symph disc, behind CIWYW. They released CIWYW under the radar a couple of years ago around Christmas time, through the web site. It’s just the album burned onto a CD, but it’s really, really, really good. I don’t know if they’ll ever officially release it or not. I’d write the band and beg them for a copy.

  3. wasp jerky,sounds like i’m gonna need to check eBay. but this is one of those cases where i’m not entirely opposed to *zoink*ing it.african adventure safaris,thank you for reminding me that i can’t go without word verification for long. thought you died out a long time ago, jack.

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