What our knowledge does for us
forcing us to rent space in the back of the bus
burying new skins in old soil of a naked nation
rent in two by reluctantly rising emancipation

Mileage in the shotgun
Revolving a cause to Become.
As old as a whore
as American as Ford’s
Given all we could piece,
Nature, she wants more

Releasing the hounds
Civility in bonds,

on the run

raging, making less with itself
than we could live without
For we have been in need
of all sons living freed
– prized in sheols we dug too deep

Knowing nothing but the hope
it won’t be this time
Immersion in mercy
bathed in rouge liquid life


9 thoughts on “Civil

  1. so first, what is ‘wow’ a comment on? i’m going to assume you were talking about my poem. definite wow-factor.second, i want me a digital cam. and you just got your license? per napoleon: lucky!can’t install im’s on these computers. so, none of that for me.are you excited about posting pix? school starting? jewels?you’re funny. ttyl

  2. So you thought my blog was empty? I opened up Princess Ali’s link and there is nothing there. To be more percise there is not an empty blog like mine, but no blog at all! WOW!

  3. Xanga baby? Never heard of that one before. I was just looking for her weblog but there was no link, just her profile. Hey, I don’t mind being that I have a weblog that is still empty.

  4. that just means that her sites on xanga. which sounds hilarious, right?i thought it was a pharmaceutical princess warrior, but it’s sole purpose is just to show how old i am.which i don’t mind,”Iiiiiiiiiiii’m 30! Thir-ty years old!”

  5. “Revolving a cause to Become.As old as a whoreas American as Ford’sGiven all we could piece,Nature, she wants more.”Revolving, I automatically read as revolting, I think you did that on purpose! hee hee…no but I like this stanza. It sticks out for some reason.”Nature, she wants more..” What could nature possibly want from us? What MORE even? That made me think…the only thing we’ve given to nature is this an ironic twist on how we interpret the usefulness of our ‘inventions and innovations’ on/to nature? I need to consult Marx on this one. Engels even.

  6. you need not trust those butchers of philosophy.look at the context of it. check out the title. seek key words. nature and whore are subjects but not the focus. the only other clue i’ll give is that the poem is historically rooted.

  7. and our relationship with nature was pure and good. but we were on the destructive path from Gen 3 on (the original job vs. the cursed job of man). certainly the last few centuries, with the advent of the industrial age, pitted us against nature on all fours. so, that may have something to do with it.and as much as i like alisa and ny2la (who just put in a pic, but still no post), thanks for actually commenting on the work, lovely.

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